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When it comes to keeping your files safe, backing it up to an external drive is a way to go. However, if you failed to do that and suddenly experience and hard drive crash or failure, it can be really challenging most especially when you have important files or possibly work documents. And while you could spend hours online trying to look for a solution, our data recovery service here in Long Island is right in your neighborhood to provide affordable maintenance solutions to your gadgets.

Hard Disk RecoveryRecovery hard drive labThe Data Recovery Guide is an IT consulting firm that offers services in laptop repairs, virus removal, computer network installation, hardware sales and computer maintenance. We are a team of experienced, qualified and trained experts that can help you retrieve your data from your hard drives for servers, laptops, RAID systems and personal computers in the event of hard drive failure, a computer crash or a computer failure. Our years of experience in this field has yielded excellent community record as well as great results; our number of satisfied clients is proof of this and we are certain that yours will be no different. We are poised to producing excellent results by maximizing all our resources to delivering good and trusted customer service. This objective is why we are in the business of data recovery.


Facts about our services

Data Recovery Services In Long IslandRecovery information servicesIf you are looking for a data recovery service here in Long Island that offers free evaluation on all your devices, good client experience and can recover a large volume of your data, look no further. We can absolutely meet all your requirements and exceed your expectations by delivering quality service to you.

Data DriveOur prices generally range from about $300 to $2500 depending on the kind of service you require and the extent of the damage to your device. It might also be necessary to get replacement parts for your drive as some parts could be physically damaged.

Recovery KeyFirst of all, our experts will try to detect the issue and draw up a solution for it; as soon as the fault is detected, a quote will be given to you on the extent of the damage and the incurred costs to retrieve your files. You can also have your drive mailed to us after giving us a call at your convenience

 Kindly note that scratches and dust as well as fingerprints could make it difficult to fix your drive as such, you should not attempt to repair it on your own.

What is data recovery?

Find dataData recovery is a process of retrieving lost data from a damaged or faulty hardware device. There are a lot of ways by which you can lose your data; this may be due to hard drive failure, external hard drive failure, computer crash, computer failure or you mistakenly delete it. This can be really frustrating when the lost files are work files, personal information or photographs from an important event. However, using a data recovery service ensures that your files are retrieved.

Camera card dataWhen a file is deleted, it is not totally erased from a drive; the hard drive is simply programmed to indicate the location of the file as vacant until it is overwritten by a new file. Even at that, traces of the file can still be found and arranged using the right tools to search for it.

Recovery serviceWhen data is lost, the malfunctioning file allocation table may actually be the cause. As such the actual file may be present on the hard drive without any fault. If the file is not damaged, it can be recovered using some software recovery tools like CDRoller and Hetman partition recovery. The files can also be reconstructed if they are found to be damaged.

Causes of Hard Drive Failure

hard drive failureDrive Information full featuredAll mechanical devices wear and tear with time. If your hard drive becomes faulty at one point, you will most likely panic due to the data you have on it. Hard drives are not easy to fix; they require the expertise of a skilled personnel to fix the problem and attempting to fix the drive yourself will only ruin any attempts at a successful recovery. A lot of factors can cause hard drive failure. These can either be self-induced or environment induced. Some major causes of hard drive failure include;

  •         Logical and/or physical hardware failures
  •         Accidental deletion recovery
  •         Format or FDISK
  •         Corrupted file systems
  •         Boot Volume errors
  •         FAT, MFR Failures
  •         Fire damage
  •         Water damage
  •         Employee sabotage
  •         Viruses, malware
  •         PCB Failure
  •         Controller failure

All Drive

It is advisable to use a data recovery service if you are experiencing any of the following issues;

  •         Persistent beeping noises from your hard drive
  •         Physical damage from water, fire or worn out parts
  •         If you are unable to start up the computer or reboot it
  •         When your drive is not recognized by BIOS
  •         If your computer suddenly freezes upon start up

Repair hard driveUsing a data recovery service should not be seen just as a solution to lost files. It is an opportunity for your computer to undergo routine checks for possible signs of hard drive failure or an impending computer crash.


Importance of data recovery and why you should use a data recovery service

Image of Hard driveData recovery is very useful in retrieving your files when you are working on an important project and your computer suddenly develops a fault. Also, since the use of paper and printed documents is very much in redundancy, there is every possibility that you do not have the files in hard copy as such, seeking the help of an expert to help you in retrieving your files is the only option at this point.

Images of external Hard driveThere are two types of recovery process we carry out; the physical and logical process. The physical process involves our experts replacing or repairing damaged parts of your device while the logical process involves using a data recovery software to effectively repair files, storage media and corrupt databases. Our list of data recovery services include;

  •         Hard drive failure in Long Island
  •         Western digital data recovery in Long Island
  •         Computer Data recovery service in Long Island
  •         Flash drive recovery in Long Island
  •         External hard drive recovery in Long Island
  •         Hard Drive Recovery service in Long Island
  •         Hard Drive Data Recovery in Long Island
  •         Clean room hard drive recovery in Long Island
  •         Clean room data recovery in Long Island
We also provide;
  •         HHD Data Recovery
  •         All Solid State & Hard Drive
  •         All Makes & Models of Laptops, Desktops and Servers  
  •         Windows, Linux, Mac, Sun, SCO, Novell, RAIS, NAS

Information DriveWorking dataData recovery is a very delicate process that can be accomplished only by professionals. Here at The Data Recovery Guide, we have the most qualified technicians and engineers in the area with solid years of experience and practice, utilizing the latest techniques and the most advanced tools to solve your problems. Contact us today for all your data recovery services in long island.

Information RecoveryIn the event the hard drive doesn't contain any data of value, it's more cost effective to buy a new drive. Open up an external hard disk, and you will discover an internal hard drive inside. Basically, in case you have an external hard disk, whatever the age or manufacturer, we can recover each of the data on it for you.

Contact us

Hard Disk RepairWe are always very happy to discuss your situation and provide quality data recovery services. Kindly feel free to contact us in regards to any issues you have. You can call us using this NUMBER or by sending us an email at EMAIL and our splendid customer service support will respond to you in the very best way possible. We will also attend to you with urgency as we value your time. The Data Recovery Guide is here to answer your probing questions and to offer data recovery solutions to you.

Long Island data recoveryWe take great pride in satisfying our clients by attending to your complaints carefully. Our team handle everything from recovery to repair and we will assist you quickly and efficiently.

What you can expect from us

  •         Fast turnaround time from 12 hours and up
  •         Affordable data recovery solutions
  •         Recover your data and files from your devices
  •         Friendly and professional staff
  •         Safe and secure process

Information Recovery processInternal Hard driveWe understand how valuable your data and files are to you and we take it seriously. Here at The Data Recovery Guide, our professional staff will handle your data discretely and you can be rest assured that your valuable will never be exposed nor used by any member of staff. We have taken great caution in hiring trustworthy engineers to serve your needs.  Our staff understands how hard it can be to experience a tough drive crash, and will work together with you throughout the full procedure to guarantee a quick recovery of your valuable information. Our data recovery team excels at recovering the largest possible number of files so you can be productive again.

Contact us today to get your job done right as we won’t stop until your satisfaction is 100%.


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