Signs of a Dying Hard Drive

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We can never deny that computers can innovate the majority of things into our lives. Computer nowadays can store huge amount of data into a small storage device which we call, hard drive. Hard drive or also known  as Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

HDD is an electromechanical data storage that uses magnetic storage to store as well as retrieve digital information. But just like written data, hard disk drives also have limited lifetime. So, to know if your HDD is about to die, here are its signs.

Signs of dying HDD

  1.    Frequent Freezes – Frequent freezing of your computer doesn’t necessarily mean that your hard drive is dying. But if you encounter problems during fresh installations and windows safe mode, it is likely because of failing hard drive. So, you better make a backup of your important files like pictures, documents, and more.
  2.    Corrupted Data – One sign that your hard disk is dying is corrupted files though corrupted files may be due to multitude of issues. But if you find your files corrupted even though you saved it without errors, then you should get alarmed because this is a typical sign of hard disk drive failure.
  3.    Bad Sectors – What are bad sectors? There are inaccessible and unwriteable areas of hard drive which are caused by physical damage and other factors. Bad sectors are cannot be repaired and sometimes hard to identify. You can run a manual disk checking and recovery of bad sectors.
  4.    Strange Sounds – One of the most common signs of a dying HDD is strange noises coming from it. So, if you hear strange noises such as clicking, grinding, and screeching noises known as click of death. These noises shows that parts of the hardware like bearings and spindle motor are failing.
  5.    Overall Strange Behavior of the Computer – If your computer is behaving oddly, then it maybe caused by a virus or possibly your hard drive. If it is frequently crashing and showing error messages while running a software, then maybe your hard disk is at fault.

Importance of Hard Disk Drives

Hard disk drives or HDD are essential parts of the computer. Because just like memory cards and flash drives, they store important data from our computers. Moreover, A dead hard disk drive requires replacement. On the contrary, a hard drive which not yet completely dead can still recover data when used when using hard drive recovery software. But if you are not knowledgeable about hard drive recovery, then you may try reaching a data recovery company like Wholesale Computers & Technology.

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