Is it possible to recover your data from your old HDD?

Recover your data from your old HDD

Recover your data from your old HDD

Computers can store huge amount of data. These data are stored within the Hard disk drive or so-called HDD. But what if your computer suddenly stopped working? What if you have important files stored to it? Can it be retrieved? Well, keep reading further down below to know the answer to this question.

What is HDD?

Before we proceed to the main question, first, let’s answer what is HDD? HDD or Hard disk drive is the main and the largest data storage hardware of a computer. And almost all of the essential files in a computer are stored into it including the operating system.

How to recover data from the dead laptop?

Many people ask whether they can recover their data on their old HDD. Well, computers that died due to software failure can usually be retrieved. On the contrary, computers that died due to hardware failure can also be retrieved but in a more complex technique. Here are some ways on how to recover files from a hard drive.

• Remove the hard drive – In able to recover your data and files, dismantle your old HDD by unscrewing it from the mounting brackets.

• Connect to a new system – Connect your old HDD into a new system or slot it into an additional port. In order to connect it into another computer, get a hard disk enclosure that matches your HDD type and size. Then, connect by using a USB cable to transfer the files.

• Transfer your old files – To retrieve your files, transfer it by copying the files or by making a backup file into the computer or into another external hard drive.

• Close and Eject – After completely retrieving your files, close the window to your hard drive and eject it.

Types of Data Recovery Programs

Accidentally deleted an important file? Then, worry not because there are tons of data recovery programs nowadays which can help you retrieve your lost data. Here are some free data recovery tools.

1. Recuva – Recuva is a powerful tool used for recovering data from your HDD. It offers free and pays edition which supports all Windows versions.

2. Pandora Recovery – this program is available for free as well as pay version. This program is very versatile.

3. PC Inspector File Recovery – is a freeware program great for recovering data for Windows system.

4. PC Inspector Smart Recovery – is also a free program that is focused on recovering files from external media such as SD cards and flash drives.

5. Free Undelete – is a freeware tool that can recover deleted files. This tool is simple but efficient to use.

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SDD vs HDD Lifespan

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If you are a computer geek, then you’ll surely read of SDD and HDD over the internet. But if not, then let’s discuss it. First, what is HDD? HDD is also known as Hard Disk Drive, it is a traditional storage device of the computer. It is made up of a motorized head and readable platters which is the first HDD component in the computers. On the contrary, SDD or Solid State Drives are the newer version of HDD but unlike HDD, Solid State Drivers do not contain movable parts. Instead, this device relies on flash chips. But aside from it, how are they different from one another? Well, read further below to know more.


If you are wondering how SDD and HDD vary from speed. Well, when it comes to speed performance and reliability, Solid State Drivers (SDD) got the upper hand. Why? Because just like what stated above, SDD do not have movable parts like HDD and instead it only relies on flash chips which makes it extremely fast and less volatile than Hard Disk Drives. In fact, SDD can be used for fast servers and the server’s application. In other words, you can use SDD to run database applications for fast response times. And on the opposite, Hard disk drive’s speed is capped unlike SDD because HDD is filled with moving parts.

Storage Capacity

If you are looking for a large storage device, then use HDD as a storage. Why? Because they provide better storage space than Solid State Drives. SDDs cannot store terabytes capacity of data, unlike hard disk drives. That’s why many people use external HDD as a storage device.

Gaming Experience

Everyone loves gaming, why? Because it helps in reducing our stress and good for entertainment. So, if you are wondering which is better for gaming between the two, then the answer is none other than Solid State Drives. SDD is good for gaming while HDD or Hard disk drive is good for storing a large capacity of data and good for storing backups.


Both of these two storages has its own advantage and disadvantage. And aside from all of this, the two also differ on prices. Hard disk drives are generally much cheaper than solid state drive.


Maybe you came across a solid-state drive review. And now, you are wondering and asking yourself, do I need a solid state drive? Or should I stay on the hard disk drive? Is there really any difference between the life expectancy of this two data storage devices? Well, temperature and humidity can both affect the lifespan of this two drives. That’s why the answer will likely depend on the environmental conditions of the storage devices. Both of this devices have their own flaws. For example, SDD is not suitable for extreme heat and temperature as it may result in failure of capacitors and transistors. In short, both are reliable but their life expectancy will only depend on their environment.

Generally, both devices have their ups and downs. HDD has better storage capacity while SDD is good for gaming and other applications. When choosing between the two, always remember your workload needs. If you are looking for computer parts such as SDD and HDD, just visit our website, the Date Recovery Guide. We have HDD for sale Florida and other computer parts. We provide services all over Florida.

Signs of a Dying Hard Drive

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We can never deny that computers can innovate the majority of things into our lives. Computer nowadays can store huge amount of data into a small storage device which we call, hard drive. Hard drive or also known  as Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

HDD is an electromechanical data storage that uses magnetic storage to store as well as retrieve digital information. But just like written data, hard disk drives also have limited lifetime. So, to know if your HDD is about to die, here are its signs.

Signs of dying HDD

  1.    Frequent Freezes – Frequent freezing of your computer doesn’t necessarily mean that your hard drive is dying. But if you encounter problems during fresh installations and windows safe mode, it is likely because of failing hard drive. So, you better make a backup of your important files like pictures, documents, and more.
  2.    Corrupted Data – One sign that your hard disk is dying is corrupted files though corrupted files may be due to multitude of issues. But if you find your files corrupted even though you saved it without errors, then you should get alarmed because this is a typical sign of hard disk drive failure.
  3.    Bad Sectors – What are bad sectors? There are inaccessible and unwriteable areas of hard drive which are caused by physical damage and other factors. Bad sectors are cannot be repaired and sometimes hard to identify. You can run a manual disk checking and recovery of bad sectors.
  4.    Strange Sounds – One of the most common signs of a dying HDD is strange noises coming from it. So, if you hear strange noises such as clicking, grinding, and screeching noises known as click of death. These noises shows that parts of the hardware like bearings and spindle motor are failing.
  5.    Overall Strange Behavior of the Computer – If your computer is behaving oddly, then it maybe caused by a virus or possibly your hard drive. If it is frequently crashing and showing error messages while running a software, then maybe your hard disk is at fault.

Importance of Hard Disk Drives

Hard disk drives or HDD are essential parts of the computer. Because just like memory cards and flash drives, they store important data from our computers. Moreover, A dead hard disk drive requires replacement. On the contrary, a hard drive which not yet completely dead can still recover data when used when using hard drive recovery software. But if you are not knowledgeable about hard drive recovery, then you may try reaching a data recovery company like Wholesale Computers & Technology.

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