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If you lose data on your hard drive, accidentally delete files, fall victim of corrupt data or a damaged sector. You will feel tempted to run to free data recovery tools. After all, it is free so you have nothing to lose. On the contrary, there is much more at stake when you pot for free data recovery tools rather than calling for professional data recovery services provider that you can trust. Here are some of the risks that you are most likely to encounter when you use this software that claims to safely retrieve your data. 

Free Data Recovery Tools Can Actually Delete All Your Data

If you accidentally delete data, it is still on the hard drive until other data overrides it. When you install a data recovery program on that hard drive to try to recover the files. The software program writes itself onto the drive randomly just like any other data does. If the software in the process overwrites your deleted data. You will lose the data permanently and you can’t recover it.

Professional retrieval services can recover overwritten data, though this means more money and more time, and it has very low chances of succeeding. Retrieving deleted files that have not been overwritten is so easy when done by professional recovery services who use the right diagnostic and recovery tools. Is it worth risking your useful data?

Free Tools Can Ruin The Drive

If you see signs of an impending crash – whirring, clicking, or making loud noises upon a boot-up- or if you see that the BIOS does not recognize the drive completely. Rebooting your drive repeatedly or attempting to write on the drive using free data recovery software could more damage to the drive. The more you damage your drive, the harder it gets to retrieve your data.

Input Equals Output

You get what you pay for so of when using free software it deletes your lost data. Ruins your hard drive to the extent that you cannot repair, or renders your data completely unrecoverable, you will not have any recourse. You didn’t incur any charges for the service, and the developer didn’t guarantee that you will succeed. Free data recovery tools will actually worsen the situation leaving you with no chances of ever recovering your data.

Data Recovery Guide Gives A Free Damage Diagnostic

In our secure, organized office lab in Fort Lauderdale, we offer a damage-free diagnostic service at no charge. As we start the first steps of seeing the problem of your drive. We guarantee you that we will not damage your drive further. If you only need a simple logical recovery. We will have your data back in as little time as 48 hours after giving the quote.  Even when you need complex physical recovery, our expert diagnostic services won’t live your drive in a worse condition.

If you value your data and you deem it as very valuable, don’t risk using free data recovery tools. Call for professional data recovery services ASAP.

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