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  • Free Evaluation- You should never pay for an evaluation for your data recovery job
  • Data Recovery jobs range from $300-$2500
  • Never ever try to open and fix your hard drive on your own: fingerprints, scratches, and dust will make it impossible to repair
  • Data Recovery will be performed by our engineers located in Fort Lauderdale.

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Hard drive recovery

Do you believe your Hard Drive has failed?

Never a good sign.

Trusting someone to recover your data and deal with some corrupted files, deleted, or lost documents is like entrusting them with your own life...


Simply because those files you have accidentally deleted or that have been corrupted by a virus are an important part of your work and business in general. You might only have one single opportunity to retrieve this data.

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You Can Trust us...

So when everything seems to be hopeless or the recovery software can’t retrieve your data successfully, there is actually someone reliable you can trust to be your chosen data recovery partner. We understand the stress, hassle, and pain some lost data can bring you. That is why, The Data Recovery Guide is here to offer you some straightforward, honest and affordable data recovery washington dc.

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Our Hard Drive Data Recovery Experts are the best on the market

NO QUOTES UP FRONT, no false advertisements, no complicated processes, no hidden fees, and no vague negotiation talks.

**We must have the hard drive in hand in order to do a proper evaluation of its condition. Anyone who gives you a price over the phone is dishonest.**

Washington dc hard disk fixingCompared to the other data recovery companies in South Florida, we provide you with some honest and unparalleled professional experience and guaranteed solutions that cover everything about recovering what has been deleted, retrieving what has been damaged and restoring what has been corrupted on almost any storage device. We know how to take hard drive out of laptop and recovery the hard drive's data! Our job covers hard drive recovery to database recovery.

storage deviceRecovering hard drive data is not easy since every hard drive is different, and there is not a single way to perform data recovery. It all depends on your particular case. Only our experience, expertise, and high-quality equipment make effective data recovery possible! We have skills to recover flash drive without formatting. We work on many raid media server. Our success includes broken USB drive data recovery even if the SD card broke in half. The Data recovery guide you your leading solution for all things Hard Drive Recovery Service

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A powerful promise and a professional guarantee:
Excellent capabilities in fixing MOST issues regarding lost data (may it be accidentally deleted, damaged, or files that simply vanished or disappeared). Our fixing solutions also covers partition errors, SD card issues, and even hard drives failure and booting system errors. *Some drives cannot be fixed, this is why we DO NOT CHARGE any evaluation fee! Our team offers computer repair Pompano Beach Florida .

External Hard Drive vs Flash Drive

Fast, seamless and efficient assistance throughout the recovery process

FREE Initial consultations with some transparent and reliable custom advice

Honest, experienced and skilled Data Recovery technicians

Wholesale Prices even for the General Public

No hidden charges

Guaranteed Clean Room Environment and secured data recovery process; ensuring the safety and functionality of your devices

Our Data recovery process goes hand in hand with our full confidentiality promise.


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Hard Drive Data Recovery can save your Data!

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Recover your information from Hard Disk

Hard Drive Recovery Clean Room in South Florida
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For years, we have been serving individuals and various companies in a wide range of industries. We have never failed any of our customers (with a recoverable hard drive). We have been consistent in everything we do because we offer the same level of dedication to every customer and client. Whether it’s a big or small data recovery issue, we’ll handle it and solve the problem for you! We are the best hard drive failure experts in the Fort Lauderdale area.

How do we recover lost or damaged files?

Hard Drive Restoring deleted files is a delicate task. As we cater to all data loss scenarios, we take pride in offering some of the best memory card and sd card recovery services in the region. Being the local leading name in the data recovery industry, we hire only the most skilled technicians in the state of Florida. Each member of our staff has undergone high-high-level training in order to provide you with the best service possible.
Hard disk fort lauderdaleDedicated and equipped with extensive knowledge and cutting edge tools, we make data recovery easier than ever! The Data Recovery Guide is your go-to partner when you have to deal with data loss. You have the power to turn things around, put a stop on your worries and prevent yourself from being lied to by a data recovery scammer. We are professionals on how to remove harddrive from laptop, and we can recovery SSD hard drive data! Our team specializes in SCSI data recovery. Did you need yosemit backup? Yes, we can work on firewire hard drive. Did you need a recovery of raid on astoria?

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Recover information Fort LauderdaleWe specialize in data recovery and data retrieval, NAS and RAID volumes, but also various data storage devices like PC, laptops, MacBooks, mobile phones, etc. What makes us different from other Data Recover companies is we are not just reliable professionals but experts who truly cares for you as a friend would. We’ll listen to your concern then inspect the cause of your data and system errors.
As we conduct the full data recovery procedure, we’ll use the latest software and tools that follow simple user interface and powerful algorithms. We constantly strive to become better in all areas and aspects of our data recovery service, so rest assured that your data and storage devices are in professional hands with us. Are you in need of recovery service in Utah?

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Our action plans, processes and procedures are guaranteed to be effective and safe. Plus the confidentiality of each piece of data and each file is 100% safe with us. So for your data storage inspection, data recovery and retrieval service needs, you can call The Data Recovery Guide. Feel free to contact us anytime as we strive to give the best customer service support to our clients.
With our 24/7 customer assistance, you can reach us whenever you have an emergency or something that needs to be taken care of quickly! Yes, we service hard drives northwest.  We have a fast turnaround time to make sure that you can start using your data again as soon as possible. We cover everything so you won’t need to ask for anything else! YES! We can recover macro SD cards!

Can your Hard Drive be Recovered?

Our clients trust The Data Recovery Guide with their data because our Data Recovery Testimonials tell the truth. A great deal of patience and expertise are required to fix most hard drives. We DO NOT CHARGE ANY EVALUATION FEES because we have to make sure we are able to recover the data located on your hard drive! A custom quote will be given only after the drive has been inspected by our data recovery experts. Is your laptop making clicking noise?

Recover Data from iphone that wont turn on

The Data Recovery Guide offers quality recovery services. Data recovery Colorado Springs is an important element of our business! We even know how to restore QuickBooks from a flash drive! Are you in need of Utah Data Recovery? Yes, we can offer you yosemity backup and also google drive recovery efforts. It takes a professional to recovery google drive files. Are you in need of Data Recovery Minnesota? Are you working with Filemaker Pro Database? We can help you keep that data safe! We even offer data recovery Hawaii! Jacksonville computer repair is possible with a quick ship of your hard drive to The Data Recovery Guide!

"Warning Your Hard Drive will Be Deleted"

This is a dreadful message that can really ruin your day! Fortunately, we are the reliable recovery services you need to keep your hard drive data in tack! We are apart of the Business Consumer Alliance, so rest easy sending us your hard drive for recovery! The Data Recovery Guide is in the Dell Affiliate Program. We indeed offer recovery services of New Mexico and proud of the service we can offer! Express recovery services is the reputation we have built our business around! Are you in need of data recovery Eden prairie MN or looking for dependable recovery Las Vegas? Hard drive recovery Pittsburgh can help your business get back on track with professional data recovery jacksonville!

"Your Device is Corrupted and cannot be Trusted"

Our clients are ecstatic with our results when we recover photos from disabled iPhone! Are you in need of Data recovery Connecticut?  DTT Tape is one of our specialties! Yes, we offer data recovery Wichita KS as well as Cherry Data Recovery, so contact us today! If you were looking for Data Recovery Long Island you have definitely come to the right place! Do you have corrupted images? Why should backup media be stored off-site? Do you have corrupted photos? Are you working with paradox databases?

How to retrieve photos from iPhone that won't turn on

Get your information recoverediPhone repair is a big deal with today's generation as everyone stores a lot of photos and data on their iPhones! We are professional in data recovery Portland Oregon! Experts at retrieving photos from dead iPhone! Best Recovery Services Utah!  Yes, The Data Recovery Service is an e discovery experts! Do you know how do I see what's on my SD card? We can help you!! Like we mentioned, we are data recovery experts for Seagate Minnesota. Recovering data from dead iphone can save all those valuable photos of yours!

How to remove a Hard Drive From a Laptop

Call The Data Recovery Guide today and we will walk you through how to remove your hard drive from a laptop in order to mail it into our clean room today! We want to help you recover your hard drive data as we have the ability recovery service! Check out our Data Recovery Buffalo NY services! Our expertise has the ability of Data Recovery WD Passport. Are you concerned with your laptop storage? Call us today and we will walk you through the steps!!

The Heads of a Hard Disk Drive Touch the Surface of the Platter to Read or Write Data

The Data Recovery Guide is teh computer repair Louisville KY experts. We are located in south Florida, but our approach is nationwide computer repair specialists! Our team offers recovery services Utah! No worries about your SCSI Media, we are SCSI Media recovery experts for your business today! Do you have a Guardianedge Encrypted Data device? We can help with our SCSI data recovery & SCUSI HDD recovery!  Check out The Data Recovery Guide for disc repair near me with our data recovery Cleveland.

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Repair Hard Drive Fort LauderdaleYes, we sell hard drive cable and offer all computer hard drive cables and are the Hard drive repair San Diego specialist! Data Recovery Birmingham AL is one of our most popular locations.  Submit your tapes for tape data recovery to The Data Recovery Guide and you will be happy with the service! werecoverdata com is inferior to the data recovery guides expertise, so dont leave your data recovery to the dogs! Micro Center data recovery will get your business back on track with our proven hard drive recovery services! Visit my flash store and get your USB flash SD data recovery today! Hard drive click of death fix you must send in your hard drive immediately and our experts can fix it! Louisiana Recovery Services are here to support your business!

The Hard Drive Recovery requires inspection of the damage first.

Hard Drive fixing

The Brain of the Hard Drive is the Mother Chip, these Burn Out!

Mother board

Clean Room and protective equipment needed to Recover Hard Drive

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Recover your information

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We’ll give you the perfect solution no matter what kind of data problem you might have. The results are visible, but not all hard drives can be recovered. If in need of data recovery Indianapolis, please follow the link! We will do our best to recover your files and bring back your device to its initial condition.* So contact us today!

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